Application Usage

The Corsicana brand should be used in full color on signage or markers whenever possible such as on water towers or billboards. The preferred background color is white for all instances when the full color logo is used.

The recommended usage of the Corsicana brand in street signage should utilize the Copperplate font reversed out in white on the Corsicana Blue background.

District signage should illustrate the brand but more flexibility is allowed to accommodate for the theme of each individual district. Ultimately, the Copperplate font should still be used for any typography.

The brand can be modified in signage, like city entrance signs to complement the architecture or materials of the structure. The shape of the C and star should not be modified, only the implied drop shadow and colors can be changed in order to fit the elements of the sign.

The Corsicana brand can be used in a variety of ways. By adhering to these guidelines, the brand will maintain a consistent look throughout various uses, such as print ads or local advertising materials. For further direction and approvals of any marketing where the brand is used, please contact Steve Dieterichs.

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