Color Palette

The Corsicana logo may only be reproduced in these colors. The primary colors are PMS 2767 C (Corsicana Blue), PMS 1807 C (Corsicana Red), and Cool Gray 4 C (Corsicana Light Gray).

Corsicana Blue: PMS 2767 C
Corsicana Red: PMS 1807 C
Corsicana Light Gray: Cool Gray 4 C

The primary colors for use in printing offset materials are the PMS (Pantone) colors. When printing offset is not available, it is best to match the PMS color using the closest four color process values.

CMYK Values for Corsicana Blue: C:100 M:75 Y:12 K:67
CMYK Values for Corsicana Red: C:7 M:94 Y:65 K:31
CMYK Values for Corsicana Light Grey: C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:20

The recommended CMYK color values will imitate the PMS colors as closely as possible in traditional printing, but can be slightly varied depending on the printing process or paper color.

RGB Values for Corsicana Blue: R:24 G:43 B:73
RGB Values for Corsicana Red: R:158 G:48 B:57
RGB Values for Corsicana Ligh Grey: R:200 G:200 B:200

The RGB values are for use on reproducing the logo on digital formats, such as Web sites or documents such as Microsoft Word or PDFs. RGB values are used because CMYK values will not properly translate in digital mediums.

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