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    Leadership Corsicana is a leadership development program aimed at providing our communities with an ongoing source of diverse leaders who are prepared and committed to serve as catalysts and sustainers of positive change for the quality of life in Navarro County. 



    • Identify and motivate potential community leaders of diverse backgrounds
    • Provide an outstanding educational experience emphasizing critical social and community issues
    • Open a dialogue among emerging and current community leaders
    • Challenge participants to apply their talents throughout the community.
    • Equip people with the social and emotional know-how for more effective interactions at work – no matter who or where they are.
    • Build more effective relations and help people adapt to others in real-time. 




    “Leadership Corsicana was an experience that I will never forget! I learned so much about my town that I wouldn't have otherwise known. I had the chance to make some great friendships and network with a great group of people. I feel that I grew as a person and a leader throughout this experience.”  Heather Miller, Corsicana Daily Sun, Class of 2017 

  • The Leadership Corsicana 2022-2023 experience has been phenomenal.  As a recently arrived resident of Corsicana & Navarro County, it has been a wonderful education into what is available locally and how various entities function so as to know how to obtain the countless connections needed to thrive locally. I have grown socially, emotionally, as a leader and in business connections. Some examples regarding these last are: Because of connections I have made through Leadership Corsicana, I have been able to get sponsors and presenters for a youth at risk program put on at my non profit work; have been able to offer undesignated funds to other nonprofits in town from my other business; have been invited to join a local women's group which will further help both of my employments and my personal acclimating into the city; have had other presenters come to share with the underserved community I work with. Etc. Thank you to the Chamber, to Leslie and to Michelle for a great experience with this class.
    Melissa Hoehn, Silverlake Apartments, Class of 2023


    “I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this program. Leadership Corsicana has opened my eyes to many, many things in our community; I was not aware of how they worked. The connections from the tours and the classmates are worth the investment.” – Russ Montfort, First State Bank, Class of 2017


    “Leadership Corsicana was a great experience that provided me with a lot of insight as to what our town has to offer.  Our class was full of great people that all share a love for the town of Corsicana, and I was fortunate to be classmates with them. We learned many things about our community that I feel will make us better leaders for many years to come."   -Hayden Jones, Community National Bank & Trust of Texas, Class of 2018

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