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    Dawson City Park

    Richland Chambers Lake

    The third largest inland reservoir by surface area and the 8th largest reservoir by water volume in Texas. It is fed by Richland Creek and Chambers Creek east-southeast of the town of Corsicana and south of Kerens, in Navaro County and Freestone County. It has 330 miles of shoreline and is "Y" shaped with the dam on the eastern end of the lake. Its primary purpose is as a reservoir for water supply. However,  Richland-Chambers Reservoir is a great place to enjoy outdoor recreation, including fishing, boating, and swimming. As it's still a relatively new lake, the traffic level is low and land for lakeside housing is plentiful.There are a number of sites to launch boats.


    Navarro Mills Lake

    Located in central Texas, Navarro Mills lake is about 20 miles west of Corsicana and about 35 miles east of Waco, Texas. The lake was built primarily to provide flood control for the eastern and southern portions of Navarro County, to supply water to Corsicana and surrounding towns in Navarro County, and provide for some of the best fishing, camping and boating opportunities in Texas.

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